Glasrail is Moving

Glasrail is currently moving to a new location. Please contact 425-923-9970 or email for this duration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

About Glasrail

Outside stair railing

Glasrail pioneered the fiberglass railing system for guard rail, deck and balcony rail, patio and pool rail-fence and stair-grab rail. We supply completely assembled fiberglass deck railing and stair railing systems for multifamily, apartments, townhouses, condos, hotels, assisted living, and mid-rise projects. Glasrail also supplies fiberglass deck railing and stair railing systems for single family residences.

Glasrail makes rail assemblies that look great on your deck throughout the years. Our rail assemblies are easily installed on your deck, porch, walkway or stair. Glasrail fiberglass systems are unique in the fact that our railing is unaffected by climate conditions. Our rail assemblies are easily cleaned up with just soap and water. Our deck rail is durable, holds up under moisture, UV, heat and cold. Our deck rail is assembled from sturdy fiberglass beam and pickets. Our fiberglass railing will never rust, rot, or corrode.

Glasrail is a material supplier. We offer training and referrals to local qualified installers. Made in USA.

Benefits of Glasrail

  • Improves the curbside appeal of your property
  • Glasrail retains its fresh new appearance for years to come
  • Comes completely assembled
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and salt air environments
  • Does not get brittle in the cold or soft in warmer weather
  • Never rots, rusts, or corrodes
  • Simple to install - typically cuts installation time by half or more!
  • Patented design
  • Fiberglass is the strongest, safest guard rail you can use on your deck
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality stainless fasteners
  • High yield investment return
  • Similar color is impregnated throughout material
  • Comes with warranty