Advantages of Glasrail

Glasrail is fiberglass, it has tremendous advantages over traditional wood, PVC, aluminum and steel railings. With Glasrail, fewer posts are required for a given span. This means, you save money because the installation is quicker, there are fewer penetrations into the deck surface, reducing the likelihood of water intrusion. The Glasrail system's cost rivals that over our competitors, and over the long term, Glasrail is less expensive because it's life span is far greater.

When comparing Glasrail's cost to wood and metal systems, we are very competitive with our prices, but the real savings start to add up two, five, ten years down the road. Glasrail is unaffected by weather changes and actually becomes stronger in freezing temperatures. Other systems, such as PVC can become brittle in cold temperatures and soft in hot temperatures. Aside from Glasrail's systems being cheaper, there are many other advantages of using our railing systems:

Fiberglass: The Green Solution:

Fiberglass has earned a reputation as a smart choice for green building products because of its energy-efficiency characteristics. Fiberglass is made from silica sand, an abundant natural resource that is readily available almost everywhere. Fiberglass also contributes to long product life and low life cycle costs. These attributes are critical when creating a sustainable product. Fiberglass products can contribute to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit programs.Source:

Will not rot, rust or corrode:

Over time, wood rots, steel rusts, and aluminum corrodes. Most PVC and Plastic railings have steel frames which in time, will corrode. Both start to degrade the day you install them.

Quick and easy installation:

Glasrail Deck Railings come completely assembled. Simply measure the distance between attaching points, cut to length minus 1" allowing for end cap thickness, slip end caps on, place 4" block under each end and screw brackets to wall or post. Walk away and Enjoy!

High durability:

Glasrail's proprietary combination of colorfast pigmented resins and spun fiber reinforcement, along with our UV baked coating make it virtually impervious to weathering.

Exceeds ICC and IRC code requirements:

Glasrail meets and exceeds ICC and IRC code requirements for dimension, safety and strength. The high mechanical strengths of fiberglass are increased by Glasrail's design.

Optional colors:

Similar colors are impregnated throughout material. If scratched or damaged, is easily touched up or repaired.

Available Options

Click to see a detailed view of some of our most popular options. More examples can be found in our gallery page.

  • Two Tone
  • Bread Loaf
  • Many Available Colors
  • Handrail Connection
  • Handrail
  • Mount Bracket
  • Rectangular Rail
  • Shadow Rail